Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I really enjoyed the work of Tommy Kane. ( http://tommykane.blogspot.com/ ) I love how he doesn't apologize for his wavy lines and how some of the objects in his work seem to be transparent. In The Cloister you can see the corner of the table through one of the chairs and the table leg through the other. I can picture him just standing and observing everything that he draws. They are all images that we have all seen and can relate to. He takes settings, landscapes and people and animates them beautifully. I like how he puts his own twist on images so that his audience can see everything through his eyes. If he sees the thing that he is drawing as being ridiculous, the people looking at his pictures will see it as ridiculous too. My favorite of his drawings posted on his blog is Baked Potato. I like how you can't see the face of the man sitting in the chair. I can't tell if the man is happy, sad, or indifferent. I like the mystery of it. I can make the man anyone I want him to be. He could be a chipper middle-aged man who loves to sit under his umbrella and watch all the people walk by or he could be a grumpy old man who sits on the corner because he feels there is nothing else for him to do. He could be anybody.


uncg iar said...

Terrific analysis....and the fact that he doesn't apologize for his wavy lines is definitely something to remember with your own work. Not all lines need to be straight to be interesting.

Tommy Kane said...

I agree with you and I should know because I drew it.