Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Egg Project

This is my egg project. The assignment was: Create a place for an egg that celebrates one quality of the egg using only paper. The quality of the egg that I chose to celebrate was its round shape. I did this by contrasting it with all the triangles of the pyramid-type structure that I built. Every piece of the structure is a triangle. The two middle triangle are made out of white poster board. I did this to show that there was a definite place for the egg. The outside triangles are made from tan vellum.
I have to admit that I hated this project at first, but when I saw the end result I really liked it. I loved seeing all of my classmates' models and ideas. This project taught us to really think outside the box . It also taught us that we have to think about who/what we create places for, in this case the egg, which is really important in the area of Interior Architecture.

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Liz B. said...

Great pictures! I love how the egg looks like it could fall right off onto the sharp triangles. The overall form is well constructed and I bet it probably wasn't east to put together. I like the equal amounts of space in the grid, too.