Monday, October 29, 2007

David Micheal Miller Associates

This design firm's website was a little more interesting than the last one I chose to comment on. There is a type of scroll at the top that runs constantly. I think that it is a very nice touch, it's inviting and approachable. Like the other previous website, there isn't much information on the homepage. Infact, the majority of this page is white space. There is some information in a narrow column at the right, but other than that the page is completely white. There are small links at the top of the page. They are small but they still stand out because they are different colors. Reader's eyes automatically goes to them when looking at the website. If I could describe this firm's site in one word I would pick the word "simple." It is very low key and relaxing to look at, not confusing at all. I would think that this firm's design projects fall within the same boundaries. The only criticism of the this website would be that they need to have some pictures of recent or celebrated projects on their home page so that reader's could get a quick idea of what kind of work they do. Take a look.

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