Monday, October 29, 2007

Gensler Design Website

I found this website by just typing in "Interior Design Firm" into google. I found a link to where I could see the top rated design firms and Gensler was at the top so naturally, I started there. I thought to myself "website is probably going to be amazing," but when I clicked on it I found something totally different. Their website is kind of boring and doesn't show the viewer a lot. The homepage only takes up about half a web page and I found myself scrolling down looking for more. They do have links to take you to whatever you want to look at but I wish that more of that was on the initial page you get to when looking up "Gensler Design." In terms of the design of the small homepage, I would just say that it is a little boring, which may actually be a good thing; too much color and "stuff" would take away from the picture of they're design projects. Those are what is really important. Take a look.

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